Sounds of the Nation

Sounds of the Nation

Sounds of the Nation

by November 27, 2015

The historic sounds of the African Nation

African music includes musical sounds as well as practices of all the indigenous people of the African continent.

These people consist of the Berbers in the Ssounds of Africaaharan; the San people also known as the Bushman, the Khoikhoi people who are also now known as the Hottentots within the Southern African region.

It is widely known as well acknowledge that African music has gone through constant changes as years passed.

What is called traditional African Music today is completely different from what is a few years back…

Looking at the Khoisan people they have created music that was based on polyphonic sounds and chants as well as a complex vocal technique that includes dances, due to its specific number of clicks of the Khoisan language which definitely leads to a harmonic development and varieties which resonates with the vocal based instruments that they make use of.

Their chanting techniques which includes hockets as well as yodeling. Their instruments are rhythmic…Their musical structure are polyrhythmic and are based on four types of tones. Played with instruments, a bow and a bavugu this results to the a wide range of harmonic sounds.

Music dances called the Khoikhoi are combined with these sounds…