RedBone: Unique Native Sounds

RedBone: Unique Native Sounds

RedBone: Unique Native Sounds

by November 9, 2015

Redbone- A unique as well as innovative band of the Native American Bands!

Redbone became hit makers from the early seventies !

Redbone Created in the 1969s, the band comes from Los Angeles , California by the band members also brothers, called Pat and Lolly Vegas. Then two other Native Americans joined them, called Tony Bellamy and Pete DePoe.

The band produced a few songs among them are well known hits such as Maggy, The witch queen of New Orlands and Come and get your love, who was recently released in 2014 and made its comeback in the Guardians of the Galaxy( Movie).

The Redbone Band is still alive and has produced two new CDs  between 2000 as well as 2010. They have also produced one with covers of their past standards and new compositions. Pat have also gone solo and produced a solo album in 2012.

The band itself had its ups and downs, the fact was that all the musicians were native American  but from
different origins such as , Cherokee, Yaquis, Apaches and Shoshones, their political insinuations and they were censored, shows different political views of the US nation. Thus resulted a unique and powerful sound.

The name came  from  a Cajan term which is meant for a mixed race person/halfbreed. The members comes from a mixed blood ancestry history.

The Band reference – Cajan and New Orlands culture are many times named in their performance they also perform mystic and religious mixed Indian music as well as Christian hits.

The Redbone was the first to break into the mainstream, even when radio stations refused to play some of their hits due to political reasons.

Have you heard their hits lately? What has your favorite native American music been?