Japan: Diversity And Dynamism And A Bright Future In A New World

In the eyes of the rest of the world, there has always been a duality to Japanese music and nowhere is that more prevalent than its music. The deeply spiritual and solemn, traditional stylings that reflect a checkered history and

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The Best Sounds from the Taiko

Taiko is a drum. It is made from a open wooden barrel, covered with animal skin that is stretched over both ends.  It is played with two sticks called Bachi. There are two ways of fitting the skin to the

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Koichi Makigami – Unique and eclectic sounds

This Japanese vocalist and artist, Koichi Makigami is celebrating his unique and eclectic as well as eccentric displays his work during the week at the Stone Club in New York. Makigami will usually play with some old band members or

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