In Africa Music is Life

In Africa Music is Life

In Africa Music is Life

by November 12, 2015

Music in Africa African_Dancers_Clipartis varied, with so many regions, nations and cultures; each has a history of its own. The African continent has 20 percent of the land mass and has a population of more than 934 million.

The African traditional music is diverse and there are different music in different African regions. Yet there are a few common aspect when it comes to music. But when looking at the concept of music within Africa, especially within the sub-Saharan sections there are a difference from other regions as well as cultures.

The different roles of music as well as dance are tightly interlaced in the sub-saharan parts of Africa and their music intersects every part of their lives, expressing their lives through music. Music helps to underscore the celestial and eternal value of the human life.

African native music connects people together in various ways!

African music is there to strengthen communities to reinforce people commitment and mindset towards one another. Yet another crucial role of music is that it enables communication.

Did you know? By using drums, signal drums, songs as well as sagas of the historian griots each of these communicate a different type of information.  The African Society definitely has changed in their response to the force colonization, Independence as well as globalization and the role of music changed. Adaptions to new situations of which Africa finds themselves, even though there have changes in the form of music, the inclusion of instruments , genres, music still remains very important.

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