Clifford Borg: The Boy From Tiny The Island Who Made It Big

Clifford Borg: The Boy From Tiny The Island Who Made It Big

Clifford Borg: The Boy From Tiny The Island Who Made It Big

by April 5, 2017

A Delightful And Delicate Blend Of Musical Styles

Clifford Borg is arguably one of the biggest world music artists of the last decade and has dazzled audiences around the globe for years. Known for his exquisite piano miniatures, Borg has developed a style that he can call his own. His melding of different styles allows him to borrow different elements from a variety of genres and the result is something deeply melodic. With a mix of pop, jazz, and the classics, Borg has a style that evokes a dormant nostalgia that possesses an energetic streak. There is also a sense of fragility to the way the music is constructed, and compositionally it feels as if it was strung together by silk.

Borg would be the first to admit that his music is heavily influenced by other artists and this is especially true of people like Yann Tierson and Toby Liden. Sceptics and cynics alike would say that the borrowing of these vastly different styles is an attempt to appeal to different genres and thus furthering his global appeal. But, this is not the case. Anyone who has ever heard Clifford Borg will tell you that you that there is an endearing, almost childlike naivety, about the way it is made. He has always prided himself on enjoying a varied scope of music and has done an amazing job of mixing and stirring these experiences into something tangible. The result is something that transcends genres and instead replaces it with a universal simplicity that anyone can enjoy with the right mindset.

From The Bistro Stage To The Silver Screen And Beyond

Borg was born in Malta on the 11th of May in 1976. His family was a musical one, and it didn’t take long for the bug to bite him like it had the other Borgs. He was only five years old when he started to learn the piano and shortly after he and his sisters had appointed themselves as members of his father’s band. The family owned a small restaurant which would serve as the stage for the Borgs to display their musical ability as they serenaded the loyal customers that frequented the bistro. It went down an absolute treat with the locals and so encouraging was the reception that they decided to form a band which they named The Islanders, who played to delighted audiences in clubs and hotels all over Malta. The Islanders were starting to become a household name and at the age of ten Clifford was asked to perform on national television, it was to be the start of a lifelong dream.

The Realisation Of A Dream

Borg would proceed to throw himself into his passion that would also become his profession, he studied piano and composing and earned a diploma while still very young. His first attempt at an original composition entitled ‘The Longing Dawn’ earned him a 7th placed finish at a highly respected songwriting competition. This was the lighting of the touchpaper and he then joined a few other bands before finding his feet as a solo artist. After going it alone, he released his album Drifted in the Spring of 2000. He has collaborated with numerous artists both locally and on the international stage and has earned a number of glowing reviews. He has performed in a host of countries from Egypt, Germany the UK and many others. Recently, Borg joined up with a band by the name of Counting Clouds while also working on numerous solo projects. Keep a look out for Clifford and the band as they tour Europe frequently.